NCIS drops to series low but still not in danger

NCIS ratings for Season 17, Episode 12 are in and they’re not great. Despite the season low in the audience, the show won’t be in danger.

NCIS is a staple for CBS, but it’s certainly not pulling in the live views it did just a few years ago. That’s not so surprising when you consider the way TV viewing is changing. More people are turning to streaming services.

CBS knows that. You just have to look at the way it offers its top shows through CBS All Access, making them available live and on-demand. So, that’s why the season-low audience isn’t all that concerning. We know CBS doesn’t just look at live ratings.

Let’s just look at the results for the Jan. 14 episode. The demo remained steady at its current season-low of a 1.0 rating. Meanwhile, the total audience dropped 2.5% to 10.120 million viewers.

Despite the ticks down, NCIS remains CBS’ highest-rated and highest-viewed scripted series on the entire network on average. Currently, it sits at a 1.10 rating and 11.233 million viewers. There’s absolutely no way this series is going anywhere if it’s up to CBS. We also have to remember that in 2019, the series took up almost a quarter of the Top 100 of most-viewed episodes.

There’s just one thing that will likely lead to the show ending, and that’s Mark Harmon’s exit. He is the one who leads the series and is the one many of us continue to watch for. Now, I love the entire cast (including newest member, Kasie) but there’s no way the team would be what it is without Gibbs. The minute Harmon leaves is the minute NCIS will be finished.

But I doubt that will be a sudden exit. If an exit is being planned, we’ll likely be given a one-season warning. It’s only fair that we’re given that to get a proper goodbye.

What did you think of NCIS Season 17, Episode 12? What do you think about the end of the series coming soon? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

NCIS continues on Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.