Where to watch your favorite TV crime dramas live

Whether it’s the latest episode of NCIS or you want to check out the newest installment of Chicago PD. Here’s how you can watch TV crime dramas live.

NCISChicago PDSWATLincoln RhymeProdigal Son. They all have one thing in common: you want to be able to watch them live. Now it’s time to get all your streaming options in order so you don’t have to miss a beat of your favorite TV crime dramas.

Watching live online has become easier than ever before. Many networks now offer the chance to watch live through their own websites.

To make it easier to find the ways to watch your favorite TV crime dramas, we’ve compiled a list of everything. We’re looking at all the main networks that we cover, including a number of other ways to check out the episodes live.

1. ABC
2. CBS
3. FOX
4. NBC
5. The CW
6. BBC America
7. USA Network
9. Fubo TV

If you can’t stream the episodes live on the night, you can watch the majority of them the following day through streaming services. You can also buy the episodes online to stream. Here are all those options that you need.

1. Hulu
2. Amazon Video
3. iTunes
4. Netflix
5. CBS All Access

Everything on this site is legal and will put money back into the TV shows. We don’t support illegal streaming. Not only is it breaking the law, but it doesn’t keep the money in the TV shows. If they don’t get the legitimate views, they will cancel their TV shows. Piracy is a serious offence that affects the entire industry.

What are your favorite TV crime dramas? Make sure you don’t miss a beat of them live.