FBI season 2 finale to air next week due to coronavirus

FBI season 2 will conclude Tuesday, as next week’s episode of the CBS crime drama will also be the FBI season finale due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bad news for fans of FBI: the season is coming to an end early—very early, as in just days from now.

CBS announced Wednesday that the next FBI season 2 episode will also be serving as the season finale, because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that forced the series to stop filming earlier this month.

With TV production still shut down, the network has decided to wrap the season early with the last of the episodes that were filmed before the break, rather than continue to hold for an all-clear that could be months away.

That means the March 31 episode, entitled “Emotional Rescue,” will be the last of season 2. CBS hasn’t released an official synopsis for it, but they did air a promo at the end of this week’s FBI and FBI: Most Wanted crossover event that you can watch below.

For fans, while no official number has been announced, TVLine estimates that three episodes will be lost due to the current world health crisis.

It’s possible that those episodes could be added into next season—the show seems to be an almost sure thing to be renewed—or they might end up being skipped altogether in favor of a fresh start next fall. That’s a question producers probably won’t be able to answer for awhile.

While that’s bad news for the millions of people who love the show, it pales in comparison to the ongoing issues the entire world is facing. And with so much that would have to go into putting the remaining episodes together, and the dozens if not hundreds of people who would be at risk (not just actors, but crew and post-production staffers), this is the wisest course of action even if it’s not ideal.

The silver lining is that FBI won’t be off the air entirely: CBS currently plans to show repeats from FBI season 2 on Tuesdays into at least mid-April, and fans can also stream episodes through CBS All Access, which recently announced it was extending its free trial to 30 days with promo code GIFT.

The FBI season 2 finale airs Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.