TV crime dramas coming to Acorn TV in April 2020

April 2020 sees the continued release of Murdoch Mysteries and Blood, while new TV crime dramas premiere on Acorn TV. Here’s the full list.

There are some thrilling TV crime dramas heading to Acorn TV throughout April. This is the perfect month to trial the service too, with the free trial offer extended from seven days to 30 days. What can you check out throughout the month? Here are the shows that are likely to entertain you.

Weekly releases of current TV crime dramas will continue. We’ll get the Blood Season 2 and Murdoch Mysteries Season 13 finales, which are certainly going to be exciting for many. The two shows haven’t yet been renewed for more seasons, but there’s a lot of hope for both.

Meanwhile, Deadwater Fell premieres. This is going to be another weekly release, but it will start and finish in April. There are just four episodes of the David Tennant-led British series.

For those who love foreign language offerings, there’s great news. Balthazar Season 2 is heading to Acorn TV, and will be available as a binge-watch. This second season sees our forensic pathologist continue to speak to the dead like nobody else to solve their murders.

Need to know what you’re watching and when throughout the month? Here are all the dates you need for every TV crime drama heading to Acorn TV in April 2020.

Apr. 6

  • Deadwater Fell Episode 1
  • Blood Season 2, Episode 6 (finale)
  • Murdoch Mysteries Season 13, Episode 17

Apr. 13

  • Deadwater Fell Episode 2
  • Murdoch Mysteries Season 13, Episode 18

Apr. 20

  • Deadwater Fell Episode 3
  • Balthazar Season 2

Apr. 27

  • Deadwater Fell Episode 4
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What are you looking forward to watching on Acorn TV in April 2020? Which TV crime dramas are a must for you? Share in the comments below.

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