NCIS Season 17, Episode 19 synopsis: Will Jimmy die?

Two of our own are held hostage at the diner in NCIS Season 17, Episode 19. Here’s what to expect based on the synopsis for the episode.

NCIS Season 17, Episode 19 does not look to be a happy episode to watch. Two of our own are trapped in the diner. Here’s a look at the synopsis to get an idea of what we should expect.

My big question is whether Jimmy is going to make it out of the episode alive. My gut tells me he will, but I’m always waiting for a TV show to pull something like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural and kill off beloved characters. In fact, NCIS has done it in the past with two main characters, so I’m not too sure about the way “Blarney” will go.

That being said, my fears for Jimmy is based on the promo. The synopsis tells us what’s actually going on.

The diner is held hostage by a group of thieves. Why would they even consider holding up the diner? Well, it wasn’t the group’s first thought. This was a backup plan because a jewelry store robbery goes wrong.

Everything is on the line for the group of thieves. They will be willing to do everything to protect themselves.

At the same time, Kasie and Jimmy will also do everything they can to protect those inside. They want to keep the customers save, but they’re not the ones with the guns and the badges. The people who they probably think will be better in this circumstance would be Gibbs, McGee, Bishop, Torres, or even Jack and Vance.

Check out the synopsis for NCIS Season 17, Episode 19 and get ready for the Mar. 31 episode.

When Kasie and Jimmy are held hostage in a diner after a jewelry store robbery goes awry, they attempt to keep the other customers safe from the thieves.

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NCIS Season 17, Episode 19 airs on Mar. 31 at 8/7c on CBS.