Bosch season 6 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Bosch season 6 is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video; plus, see the trailer Amazon released for a potential Bosch spinoff!

Harry Bosch is officially back on duty, as Bosch season 6 premieres on Amazon Prime Video today. TV crime drama fans can now watch all ten episodes of the sixth season, with an Amazon Prime subscription.

The new season finds Bosch (Titus Welliver) and his colleagues dealing with a case of domestic terrorism. When dangerous material is stolen from a Los Angeles hospital, it’s a race against time to get it back before the terrorists use it to hold the city hostage.

New cast members in Bosch season 6 include Julie Ann Emery (Preacher) as FBI agent Sylvia Reece and Abby Brammell (The Unit) as Heather Strout, a woman whose husband may have some serious issues.

But that’s not the only big news for fans of the Michael Connelly series this week. Over the weekend, Amazon surprised viewers by dropping the trailer for a fictitious Bosch spinoff—centering around Coltrane the dog.

The Detective Coltrane trailer was pitch-perfect, with Connelly himself introducing the fake show while Welliver and his co-stars completely sold the idea of a dog-focused follow-up. Perhaps the best scene was Coltrane being told to turn in his badge, and like any stalwart detective, completely refusing to do so.

Kudos to them and to Amazon for coming up with such a fun idea and putting so much effort into it that it legitimately looked like a real series that people would want to watch.

Sadly, Detective Coltrane will not be Amazon’s next original series. But fans can enjoy a whole new season of Bosch, plus the knowledge that the show has already been renewed; it was previously announced that there will be a seventh season, and that season 7 will be the series’ last.

With an already excellent cast bolstered by the addition of Julie Ann Emery, and the highest possible stakes when the word “terrorism” gets dropped into the mix, this season should be yet another nail-biter for anyone who loves TV crime dramas. Get your popcorn and get to binge-watching today.

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Bosch season 6 can be streamed now exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.


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