Is Chicago PD on tonight, April 22?

After the way Chicago PD Season 7, Episode 20 ended, you likely have a lot of questions. Will we get answers tonight, April 22?

You have a lot of questions after the way Chicago PD Season 7, Episode 20 ended. We all do. The biggest question right now is whether we’re going to get answers tonight. Will a new episode of Chicago PD air tonight, April 22?

There’s some bad news. There isn’t a new episode. Episode 20 was the unplanned season finale. The way it ended was never supposed to be a cliffhanger finale, but it certainly leaves a lot of potentially great storylines for the new season. And we do know there is going to be a new season. What we don’t know is when that will be.

So, what can you watch tonight? If you like reruns, there’s great news. That’s exactly what NBC has planned for the week. It’s a One Chicago lineup, with PD ending the night in its usual timeslot.

We’re getting a rerun of the 12th episode, titled “The Devil You Know.” This is when Voight decides to make a deal with Darius Walker in an attempt to bring down some dirty cops. Upton doesn’t like the way Voight handles things, which causes a major headache for the episode.

Everyone in Intelligence tried to do things to bring down the dirty cops. They all had the best interest of the police force at heart but they all had different ways of dealing with things. At the end, it’s about trying to make Chicago a safer place, which is something that certainly connects to the finale.

NBC is planning a few reruns until the summer schedule kicks off properly. This is a great time to catch episodes you missed during the season.

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Chicago PD Season 7 is available to stream in full on Hulu.