Is SWAT Season 3 on tonight, May 27?

They’re not new but there are SWAT Season 3 reruns on tonight

Wednesday nights are usually taken up by Hondo and his team following Bravo Team on CBS. Last week, the SWAT Season 3 finale aired, so what’s going on with the schedule tonight? Is an episode of the series on?

There’s some great news for all SWAT fans. While there isn’t a new episode on tonight, we’re being treated to reruns. We have two reruns this week, one tonight and then another rerun at 10/9c tomorrow night. Awesome, right?

The one on tonight is “Immunity,” which is the one that saw Deacon’s family under threat. They all had to move into a safe house when Deacon was targeted by a gang. The episode saw Tan not be able to join his team as he faced questioning over some weed gummies he’d eaten. Fortunately, his drug test came back clean because the gummies were weak and he was looked favorably upon for owning up to the situation right away.

Watch SWAT twice this week

The second episode, which airs in the show’s original timeslot, is “The LBC.” This episode saw Street and his estranged foster brother Nate reconnect. The aim was to help with a joint investigation with the Long Beach Police Department, but it looked like there might be a leak somewhere.

This episode also continued Luca’s food truck business venture, as he looked for investors. He’d hoped that his teammates would invest, but each of them looked at pulling out. We know how it all worked out in the end, but it’s going to be fun going back to this stage of the business. Hopefully, we’ll get more of the food truck success on SWAT Season 4.

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