Can Bishop and Pike get out of this without blowing their cover on Bulletproof?

Bishop and Pike are in a sticky situation on Bulletproof Season 2

Bulletproof Season 2, Episode 3 ended with Bishop and Pike in trouble in Amsterdam. Can they get out of that trouble without blowing their cover?

When things went a little sideways and there was an attempt to smuggle young women out of Amsterdam to sell them, the police rounded in. Most of the situation was contained, but the Dutch police made it clear they wanted the Markides family. And Alex is their priority.

The problem for Bishops, Pike and the rest of the UK team, Alex is the key to their case. They need him, so they needed to get him out so they could deal with the situation later. Of course, that led to them looking like criminals.

Episode 3 ended with Bishop and Pike surrounded by Dutch police. While they were joined by people on their side, it made it look like they were going to get arrested or potentially shot.

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There is an easy way out

Of course, there is an easy option. The whole unit could just admit that Bishop and Pike are the two undercover agents. The Dutch authorities already know that there are two on the inside.

The problem is while the British helped the Dutch get the girls, they helps Alex Markides escape. What does the Dutch have to lose by telling the world that Bishop and Pike are undercover agents? There’s nothing to stop their cover from being blown.

In the promo shown at the end of the episode, it’s clear that Bishop and Pike seem to be out. Pike is spotted in a ring of hay in what looks like a barn and at another point he’s talking to Mikey in a club, so it doesn’t look like he’s been arrested. So, would that suggest they tell the Dutch police everything and manage to walk away in secret?

Of course, that would open up questions for Mikey. How did they get out of being surrounded by the armed police? There’s still the potential of their cover being blown.

They’ll have options, but which of those options will Bishop and Pike use?

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How do you think they’re getting out of this sticky situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Bulletproof airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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