Perry Mason season 1, episode 2: How to watch and preview

Watch Perry Mason season 1, episode 2 live, online or on TV.

Perry Mason’s search for a child murderer is just beginning—so here’s how to watch Perry Mason season 1, episode 2 as the HBO miniseries ratchets up the tension.

In “Chapter Two,” which is a fitting way of titling the episodes for a character who originally began his life in print, Perry Mason (Matthew Rhys) still believes the killer is close to home. Of course, suspecting the child’s parents isn’t going to win him any congeniality awards.

But more importantly for TV crime drama fans, this is the first episode to feature award-winning actress Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black, Broadway’s production of Network) as Sister Alice. Alice is a major figure in the Los Angeles community, and she’s also getting involved in the case. One can only hope this means that Maslany gets plenty of scenes with Rhys, because that should be a very watchable combination.

Plus, keep an eye out for Chris Chalk (When They See Us, Gotham) as he makes his debut as Paul Drake, another of Mason’s associates. In this version of Perry Mason, Paul is a beat cop with the LAPD. Does that mean he’ll run afoul of the corrupt cops who harrassed Perry last week? While the first episode was a slow burn with a lot of exposition, this week is where things really start to kick off.

Here’s how HBO officially describes this week’s episode:

Following one of her trademark barn-burning sermons, Evangelical preacher Sister Alice offers the Dodsons the church’s full moral and financial support – much to her mother Birdy’s dismay. During a routine domestic intervention, beat cop Paul Drake is rerouted to a gruesome crime scene, where he follows a confounding trail of evidence.

Mason is left incensed by a jaw-dropping admission from Baggerly and, after pressing Emily on her husband’s alibi, finds himself confronted by an outraged Della. Detectives Holcomb and Ennis use Drake’s findings to their own advantage.

And while there isn’t a promo spot specifically for the episode, the network has also dropped a new featurette introducing viewers to the characters in the Perry Mason reboot, which is a handy catch-up if you didn’t watch last Sunday’s premiere:

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Below is all the information you need to watch Perry Mason online and live Sunday to catch the latest episode of the miniseries.

Date: Sunday, June 28
Start Time: 9:00 p.m.
Episode: “Chapter Two”
TV Channel: HBO
Live Stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on the HBO website or HBO MAX app.

Perry Mason airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.