The Secrets She Keeps Episode 4: Will the CCTV show the push?

Will Agatha be linked to the train station on The Secrets She Keeps

Agatha is spiraling. Anyone who gets in her way on The Secrets She Keeps is in danger, and the most recent episode has proven that.

During Episode 4, Nicky returned to Agatha’s life. He is curious about her pregnancy and the baby, and it’s clear that he’s attempting to trap her in a lie. After all, he’s seen the video footage from the hospital and he’s sure that this is Agatha on the camera.

Knowing that she couldn’t let Nicky talk to anyone, Agatha decided to take matters into her own hands. She pushed Nicky into the oncoming train, presumably killing him. Of course, there’s CCTV that has captured something and a young girl saw Agatha’s face. Is this it for Agatha on The Secrets She Keeps?

What did the young girl see?

What’s curious is the young girl didn’t seem to react too much about Agatha pushing Nicky. Is it possible she didn’t see everything? Maybe she just saw movement and looked too late, just taking a look at the woman who happened to be behind the man that “fell.”

A girl who had just seen someone push a man into an oncoming train wouldn’t be that calm. She wouldn’t just look at Agatha and pretend like everything was fine.

While the girl may not have seen everything, she saw Agatha’s face. If the CCTV shows the push, there’s a chance the police will turn to the young girl and ask her what she saw. Did she see the face of the person in the green coat? The police wouldn’t even have to say why.

The police would likely have photos of those with a connection to Nicky. Agatha has to come up in that somewhere. This would lead to the young girl pointing to a face, which then connects everything back to Meghan, who will also recognize Agatha.

It’s all downhill from here. Agatha and Hayden can’t play happy families for much longer. And just how is Hayden going to react when he learns Agatha had stolen the baby?

What do you think is next for Agatha on The Secrets She Keeps? Is there a way out for her from this point? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Secrets She Keeps airs Thursdays on Sundance Now.