Hawaii Five-0’s Mark Dacascos talks new thriller One Night in Bangkok

One Night in Bangkok stars Mark Dacascos as a prolific hitman.

Mark Dacascos played one of TV’s most iconic villains on Hawaii Five-0, but his latest film One Night in Bangkok has him on a rampage that would make Steve McGarrett nervous.

As the title indicates, the entire movie takes place over a single evening—in which Mark’s character Kai is determined to wipe out his hit list. When the woman driving his hired car realizes that he’s using her to commit a series of brutal murders, she must weigh her safety against the value of stopping him.

Meanwhile, a local cop (played by Kane Kosugi) is quickly on the trail of Bangkok’s new serial killer, but can he stop him in less than a day? Or will Kai finish his business and disappear on a flight out as quickly as he came?

One Night in Bangkok sees Mark re-team with writer and director Wych Kaosayananda, who also directed him as a zombie-fighting former hitman in the post-apocalyptic thriller The Driver.

In an interview with Precinct TV, he talks about what brought the two of them back together for another movie, how he keeps each character fresh after a career playing lethal heroes and villains from Wo Fat to Kung Lao, and if the compressed timeline of the plot affected him from an acting standpoint.

This isn’t like any of his past projects, but it’s full of the incredible action—as well as the incredible acting—that audiences have come to know and love Mark Dacascos for.

You can get your copy of One Night in Bangkok on DVD today via Amazon; watch our video interview with Mark Dacascos below to find out more about his new movie.

One Night in Bangkok is now available on DVD through Amazon.