5 reasons why you should tune in to see Starz original Power Book II: Ghost spinoff

Power Book II: Ghost. Image Courtesy Starz
Power Book II: Ghost. Image Courtesy Starz /
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Power Book II: Ghost. Image Courtesy Starz
Power Book II: Ghost. Image Courtesy Starz /

Will Tariq turn into the character we root for?

In the WWE scripted world, there is a phrase called turning heel when a superstar turns into a villain. Turning into a babyface is the opposite of that. While Tariq certainly turned heel in season three and in season four became responsible for the death of his sister Raina (Donshea Hopkins), this spinoff may turn Tariq babyface.

Tariq has been one of the most unlikeable characters on Power for years. There are fans of the show who, with a passion, hated Tariq well before season six when it was revealed he fatally shot his father Ghost. With the spinoff focusing on Tariq as the lead perhaps the plot with include something that changes the perception viewers have of Tariq or just seeing the story from his perspective may alter the way fans view Tariq.

Or perhaps Tariq will be haunted by his past wrongdoings and things may catch up to him and that would be exactly what the hate Tariq fan club want to see in this story.

The culture of Power is how Kemp has made these characters with glaring flaws. Flaws that gives viewers cause to pause for the decisions those characters make even when it is their favorite character. Those in the fanbase who were fans of Ghost had to see their favorite character abandon his family for a girl that was a federal agent and would later put him behind bars.

Even after that, he continued to have a soft spot for her up until Tommy killed her, however, with the bullet intended for his best friend Ghost, that too had Tommy fans in an uproar because his intentions was to kill his childhood best friend. Or how about Tasha’s sneaky move to try to pin Ghost’s murder on her boyfriend Quinton, who had a daughter, not too long after she killed her best friend Kesha, who had a son.

Throughout Power, fan-favorite characters have made choices that didn’t sit well with even their biggest supporters but something about the character had viewers stand by them nonetheless. So with Tariq, it isn’t too far fetched that there could be a plot where viewers would have empathy and even become members of a Team Tariq fan club when watching the spinoff.

With Tariq, it would take a lot for him to turn babyface but then again, Kemp has written stranger concepts. Nonetheless, seeing what happens to Tariq no matter what side a viewer is on is another reason why Power Book II: Ghost is worth watching.

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