Criminal Season 2 is heading to Netflix tonight

You can watch all four episodes of Criminal Season 2 on Netflix tonight

If you loved the first season, you’ll be happy to hear that Criminal: UK is back. Criminal Season 2 will be available to stream on Netflix tonight.

The official release time is 3:01 a.m. ET. That means those on the west coast will only have to wait until midnight. With only four episodes, you will most definitely be done by the end of the week!

There’s no need to watch all four episodes if you don’t want. However, each episode is so different that you’re going to want to see them anyway. You get to choose the order based on your favorite actors.

What is Criminal Season 2 about?

Like the first season, Criminal Season 2 is set in a police station. Each episode has a different suspect, with the police trying everything to get the suspect to slip up or admit to the crime they’ve supposedly committed.

It’s a battle of wits. Can the suspects keep their cool while they have a barrage of questions thrown at them? Will they break so the detectives get their own way?

Sharon Horgan plays Danielle Dunne, Kit Harington plays Alex Daniels, Sophie Okonedo plays Julia Bryce, and Kunal Nayyar plays Sandeep Singh. They are the four suspects in the four individual episodes.

Stories for around the world

If you finish up the second season and you still want more, there’s great news. Of course, you have Criminal Season 1 to watch, but there are versions of the show from around the world. Whether it’s Germany, France, or Spain.

It isn’t clear whether there will be more after this. Hopefully, this is a show that gets renewed. There’s no doubt it’s intriguing when everything is inside the police station, putting you on the side of the police trying to piece it all together.

Check out the trailer for Criminal Season 2:

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Criminal Season 2 is on Netflix on Wednesday, Sept. 16.