The Rookie Season 3 premiere pushed, probably to 2021

The Rookie Season 3 doesn’t yet have a premiere date on ABC

When ABC initially announced its fall schedule, The Rookie Season 3 was set to premiere at some point. It was keeping its Sunday night slot, which had proven to be much better for the show than Tuesday nights.

When ABC set return dates, there was one show missing that we expected. The Rookie Season 3 isn’t part of the fall lineup anymore. It looks like the series is being pushed to 2021, although Deadline didn’t specifically confirm that when releasing the details of the premiere dates.

Card Sharks will premiere on Oct. 18 in place of The Rookie Season 3. This completely rules out the Oct. 16 date that was rumored a few weeks ago.

It’s not the only series that has been pushed. NBC announced that New Amsterdam and Manifest were being pushed to 2021 instead of airing in the fall like originally planned.

The Nathan Fillion-led series hasn’t started filming yet

The delay in the premiere date isn’t all that surprising. This is one of the shows that hasn’t yet returned to filming, unlike all the other scripted dramas and comedies in the fall lineup. ABC can’t air anything that it doesn’t have!

It’s unclear when filming is set to start. It’s likely to be some time at the end of this month or in October. This is when the majority of shows in the United States are returning. Those that film on location more than in a studio seem to be returning later than the shows that are mostly in a studio.

This doesn’t mean anything bad for the series just yet. ABC hasn’t canceled the show. It recently reversed the decision to renew Stumptown for a second season due to scheduling and timing thanks to COVID-19. At least we will get The Rookie Season 3 at some point.

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The Rookie Season 3 is likely premiering sometime in early 2021.