Double Cross now available on DVD from UMC

The Double Cross season 1 DVD has arrived from UMC.

Double Cross, the UMC (Urban Movie Channel) original TV crime drama, is the latest genre series to get a DVD release. The DVD set is now on sale at Amazon for $9.99 (as of this writing).

UMC focuses on Black-oriented film and television projects, and this series is their version of a vigilante justice story.

In Double Cross, Erica Cross (Ashley A. Williams) and her twin brother Eric (Instagram star Jeff Logan) decide to take matters into their own hands when they uncover sex trafficking within their community.

Over the course of six episodes the duo pursue their own brand of justice while evading the two police detectives who are formally investigating the case—and who soon become determined to also stop the Cross siblings for working outside the lines.

Meanwhile, emergency room doctor Erica becomes once again entangled with her ex-boyfriend when she discovers that he’s now working alongside her, and one of the detectives also struggles with a substance abuse problem. So there’s also a soap opera-esque side to this crime drama.

The show was renewed for season 2 back in July, but this is its first DVD release.

With a relatively short season, it’s not a surprise that the set doesn’t have an extensive list of special features. In fact, there are no bonuses or extras included whatsoever (though there are subtitles for the hard of hearing).

But this is a chance for the show to reach a wider audience that might not have UMC or have heard of it yet, and for audiences to be introduced to the series before that second season premieres.

Watch the Double Cross trailer here and then use the links at the bottom of this article to get season 1 on DVD or digitally.

Double Cross season 1 can be ordered on DVD through Amazon. You can also stream the first season on Amazon Video.