Balthazar series 2 is now available on DVD

Balthazar series 2 DVD is now available from Acorn TV.

French TV crime drama Balthazar is getting another DVD release in the United States, courtesy of Acorn TV. You can now purchase Balthazar season 2 on DVD at Amazon.

The series follows its title character, a widowed pathologist played by Tomer Sisley (from Netflix’s Messiah), as he helps a police inspector solve various killings that the Paris cops can’t figure out.

In a sort of Tru Calling-style way, he converses with the victims, imagining their ghosts and getting insight into not only how their lives ended but what else could have led up to their deaths.

But the ultimate case is still open and continues to haunt him—trying to catch the serial killer who murdered his wife Lise (played by Pauline Cheviller) more than a decade ago.

The second season sees that cold case move further to the forefront, particularly in the last three episodes of the 10-episode season.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Balthazar and his police partner, Chief Inspector Helene Bach (Helene de Fougerolles), continues to develop. Helene begins to have problems within her marriage to Antoine (Aliocha Itovich)—so will this series go the way of so many U.S. mystery shows and have the two partners eventually enter into a romantic relationship?

While Acorn TV hasn’t released a trailer for series 2, which streamed earlier this year on the service, here’s the trailer they put out for the first series to give you an idea of the show.

Somewhat of a French version of Wire in the Blood, except centering on a pathologist instead of a psychologist, the series presents some truly gruesome crimes and has plenty of angst as it relates to Lise’s murder and the issues it’s caused her husband since. This is definitely not a series for the squeamish, though it does find ways to sneak bits of humor and humanity in between the gore and heartbreak.

The show is not dubbed for American viewers; it’s presented in the original French, with English subtitles. There are no special or bonus features included, so this is a set strictly for those viewers who want to own the episodes. But for those who enjoy shows about pathologists, or series that trend toward the darker end of the crime drama genre, these new 10 episodes might just be for you.

Balthazar series 2 can now be ordered on DVD through Amazon. The series is also available digitally through Amazon Video.