How did the Chicago PD Season 8 premiere handle Rojas’s exit?

Did the Chicago PD Season 8 premiere say where Rojas was?

During the summer, we learned Lisseth Chavez was leaving Chicago PD. She’ll be on Legends of Tomorrow instead, but fans wanted to know what would happen to Rojas. Did the Chicago PD Season 8 premiere tell us what happened to the character?

We have no idea why Chavez left the show. Was it a creative decision? Did the star walk away for a series regular role on another show? We don’t always get the answers to these behind-the-scenes decisions, but that’s not what is important here. It’s all about the character.

The quick answer is no. The show didn’t address Rojas not being there at all. There wasn’t even a mention of her name on the Chicago PD Season 8 premiere.

Understandably (and rightly so), the episode focused on police reform and Atwater’s story. We saw how the different characters handled the changes coming and everything that the cops were doing to Atwater after he decided to stop standing by the invisible Blue Wall. However, there could have been a quick mention about Rojas, right?

We’ll just have to assume she’s moved on

Since there was no mention of the character on the Chicago PD Season 8 premiere, we’ll just have to assume that she’s moved on from Intelligence.

Could it have been due to the police reform? That would seem odd to get rid of Rojas because of that. What about COVID-19? While that’s there, it’s not going to be a major part of the storylines. It just exists. So, the assumption right now is she’s just left and is working elsewhere.

There may be a mention later on. According to an interview with TVLine, Rick Eid shared that there was originally a mention of Rojas’s exit in the premiere but it felt forced. Instead of opting for the awkward mention, he and the writers decided to hold off and put the mention somewhere else.

What did you think of the Chicago PD Season 8 premiere? Would you like a mention of Rojas just for closure? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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