The Rookie Season 3 premiere announced: January 2021

When will The Rookie Season 3 premiere on ABC?

After a long wait and some rumored return datesThe Rookie Season 3 finally has a premiere date. Get ready for the all-new season in January 2021.

TVLine reports that The Rookie Season 3 will premiere on Sunday, Jan. 3 at 10/9c. Yes, it is keeping the timeslot that worked so well for it during its second season. Hopefully, this continues to be the way, even though the show is moving to the midseason for pandemic-related reasons.

The report doesn’t say what the show will follow. ABC usually opts for game shows and reality programming on a Sunday night, knowing it is going up against football, the NCISes on CBS, and Animation Domination on FOX. It’s a tough night, but one that The Rookie performed well on.

What to expect on The Rookie Season 3 premiere

The big question is what will happen in the premiere. The last we saw of Nolan, he had been framed by the dirty cop he once considered his friend. Now he’ll need to prove his innocence, but that’s not going to be as easy as he would hope. Will there be anyone on his side after some of the secrets he’s kept to himself?

He needs to come to terms with some of the choices he’s made in that pursuit for the truth. He needs to accept that the way he took action may not have been the best way.

The season will feature a storyline about police brutality. It is going to follow some of the current day events, including Black Lives Matter. What’s not clear is whether it will also offer a COVID storyline as well. Since this show can’t jump forward a few months to the middle of the pandemic, it may need to slowly work it in or offer us a show that doesn’t include COVID.

The Rookie Season 3 premieres on Sunday, Jan. 3 at 10/9c on ABC. Watch the following day on Hulu.