Hawaii Five-0 DVD feature sneak peek: Looking back at the series

Take a look inside one of the features on the Hawaii Five-0: Complete Series DVD boxset

If there’s one thing we miss about Hawaii Five-0, it’s the banter between McGarrett and Danny. The good news is one of the features on the Hawaii-Five-0 Complete Series boxset will include a look back at that.

We’ve got a sneak peek of one of the features on the DVD boxset, which is out today. It’s a reminder of a Season 7 storyline that involved Danny giving half of his liver to McGarrett. We were certainly worried at the time, but Danny didn’t let McGarrett remember the organ donation at all. Maybe Danny should have been a little more gracious…nah!

The 35-second clip certainly makes us wish for more Hawaii Five-0. It’s one thing the show did so brilliantly. Banter between certain friends is something that can go horribly wrong or just right, and this show got it perfect.

From Day One up until the end, you could tell McGarrett and Danny were best of friends. They would always have each others’ backs. They would always be there for each other to the very end, but they also loved to get digs in now and then as real friends do.

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Take a look at the Hawaii Five-0: Complete Series sneak peek:

This is just a clip of a bigger selection of throwbacks. The full list of special features still hasn’t been confirmed. Just knowing that there are some, and some that will give us the nostalgia that we need on a complete series boxset, is enough to make us need this collection. With Christmas coming up, there’s no doubt that we’re putting this on our list.

The complete series is a chance to own all 10 seasons of this spectacular TV crime drama. Remember that it ended with the 10th season. While we only found out partway through the season, this wasn’t a CBS decision but a show decision, and that ending certainly made us cry with good memories.

Hawaii Five-0: The Complete Series is on DVD now.