Is NCIS Season 18 on tonight, Tuesday, Dec. 15?

NCIS Season 18 is not new tonight, Tuesday, Dec. 15

Just as we get NCIS Season 18 back, the show goes on another break. While the series isn’t airing a new episode tonight, that doesn’t mean we have a Tuesday without Gibbs and co.

Let’s get through the bad news first. NCIS Season 18, Episode 4 will not air tonight. It’s not going to air next week, either. The season isn’t back with new episodes until the New Year, and hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out why Gibbs shot McGee.

It’s the holiday season. This is the usual time the series goes off the air. It’s just very disappointing this year because the shows returned to our screens so late. But CBS has its holiday programming, and the show needs time to film more episodes and give the cast time off over the holiday season.

It’s not the only Tuesday night series off for a while. FBI Season 3 and FBI: Most Wanted Season 2 are also on breaks until 2021.

The network hasn’t yet confirmed when the show will return with new episodes. It’s possible that the show won’t return until around the end of January. Deadline reported that FBI Season 3 would get a special episode on Jan. 24 before returning to its original timeslot on Jan. 26. It makes sense for all three Tuesday TV crime dramas to return at the same time.

You will get a rerun of NCIS Season 17 tonight

While there isn’t a new episode of NCIS Season 18 tonight, you will still get to spend time with Gibbs and co. Just not in the usual timeslot.

CBS has the holiday special Play On: Celebrating the Power of Music to Make Change airing in the usual timeslot. So, Gibbs and the team will move to the 9/8c timeslot with a rerun of “Out of the Darkness.”

For those who need the reminder, this was the Season 17 premiere, which saw Ziva explain why she’d faked her death years earlier.

We’ll be sure to let you know when new episodes of NCIS Season 18 will return.

NCIS Season 18 is available to watch on CBS All Access along with all previous seasons.