Which episode of Chicago PD Season 8 air tonight?

Watch Chicago PD Season 8, Episode 3 live tonight on NBC

Chicago PD Season 8, Episode 3 was supposed to air on Jan. 6. A last-minute change to the schedule saw all three One Chicago shows preempted for the night.

We’re onto another Wednesday. What is going on with the NBC schedule tonight? Unless something big happens again during the day, there will be a new episode of Chicago PD. In fact, it’s going to be the episode that was supposed to air last week.

You can click here for the previous live stream to get the details on how to watch the episode live.

What to expect on Chicago PD Season 8, Episode 3

This episode will see Upton get a job offer. It all comes off the back of the FBI Season 2 finale, which saw Upton head to New York to work with the team on a case. She and OA didn’t initially get along all that well, but eventually, they got to know each other a little better.

She certainly made a good impression. Now, the FBI wants her to join their team, but will she leave Intelligence behind?

Halstead won’t want that to happen. There have been clues in the last few episodes of the series that hint the two are on the verge of getting back together. But Halstead has been here before. Remember when Erin got the job offer in New York at the end of Chicago PD Season 4? She chose to leave Halstead and go for the job (although that was more due to Sophia Bush choosing the leave the series more than anything else).

There have been no hints that Upton is definitely going anywhere, but we’ll get a chance to see what’s to come of the job offer tonight.

Also during the episode, Burgess and Ruzek run into a girl on the streets. When they find her home, they find out her family has been murdered. It’s a case for Intelligence to deal with.

Chicago PD Season 8, Episode 3 airs tonight at 10/9c on NBC. Catch up the following day on Hulu.