Is that the last we’ve seen of Nico on NCIS: New Orleans?

Will Nico return to help the team again on NCIS: New Orleans?

Nico didn’t want to help the team, but he reluctantly agreed because he didn’t want to be branded an arms dealer. Is this the last we’ve seen of him on NCIS: New Orleans?

Sometimes, the guest stars manage to steal the show. That was certainly the case with Nico on NCIS: New Orleans Season 7, Episode 6, who had a charming personality and enjoyed toying with Agent Carter. They even struck up a bit of a bond, although Carter didn’t actually like the guy since he is a criminal.

The ending to the episode saw Nico taken off by Interpol, but it was all a bigger plan. Going with Interpol gave him a chance to head off to Montenegro, where there are no extradition policies. Nico gets to continue his work without the fear of extradition. It all worked out perfectly for him.

And he made sure Carter knew all about it, sending him a message with a photo. Will a Ferrari later show up for Carter?

Nico could be helpful in a later episode of NCIS: New Orleans

Thanks to him ending up in Montenegro, it is possible that Nico could show up again on the series. He is an expert in the black market, after all. The team regularly deals with black market situations, so having someone who could help would be useful.

Nico seemed to hint that he would be back. He made it clear that it wasn’t the last Carter saw of him. Did he just mean he would send Carter a photo or does he know Carter will need some help in the future?

I wouldn’t rule out Nico showing up again, but probably not any time soon. Usually, these sorts of guest stars show up a few seasons later depending on the actors’ availability and the storyline needed.

What did you think of Nico’s character? Would you like to see him return to NCIS: New Orleans? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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