Upton makes a choice about her career on Chicago PD Season 8, Episode 3

Upton got an offer to join the New York FBI team on Chicago PD Season 8, Episode 3

During Chicago PD Season 8, Episode 3, Upton got a new job offer. Would she take it or remain in Chicago?

After her success in New York with the FBI team, she was offered a job with them. It seemed like a no-brainer to take it. She liked the place and the work there, and the job came with better pay, better benefits, and just a better lifestyle overall.

So, would she opt to move to New York just like Erin Lindsay did? Would we lose another female detective on Chicago PD? Halstead certainly thought she was going to say yes.

Upton decides to stay in Chicago on Chicago PD

Upton and Halstead had conversations about this throughout the episode. Halstead wasn’t going to stop Upton taking the job, but that didn’t mean he was happy about it if she did. But he said he needed to practice self-preservation.

He’s been here before. He’s wanted a woman to stay for him in the past and she left. He doesn’t want the same thing to happen with Upton.

In the end, Upton chose to stay. She opted for love over a fulfilling career.

Upstead shippers would certainly be rejoicing at this point. This gives the two a chance to finally be honest about their feelings and get back together. It’s been a long time coming, but why does a woman have to give up a fulfilling career for the sake of love? The writing could have been stronger without the job offer, in my opinion.

But it’s clear that Upton is around for a while. And we’ll get more Upstead in later episodes. Will they choose to keep their relationship a secret or just come straight out with it on the next episode of Chicago PD?

Do you think Upton made the right choice on Chicago PD Season 8, Episode 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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