Is Sean Murray leaving NCIS?

Will we lose another member of the team on NCIS?

It’s always scary when an episode leaves our favorite characters’ lives in the balance. That’s exactly what NCIS Season 18, Episode 5 did with McGee, leaving us worried that Sean Murray is leaving the series.

The episode, titled “Head of the Snake,” saw everyone involved in the case to find Fornell. It all linked back to the cold open on the NCIS Season 18 premiere. We got to understand why Gibbs was shooting McGee at the hanger.

It was to protect McGee, but Gibbs nicked an artery by mistake. While McGee has made it through the surgery, he’s not woken up yet. And Gibbs clearly feels guilty for his actions, even though Delilah doesn’t blame him. Gibbs’s actions came from the right place. If he didn’t shoot McGee, McGee would have definitely died in the explosion.

And now we’re worried. Is Sean Murray leaving NCIS? Will we lose another fan-favorite character?

McGee will make it through this but tensions will be high

There’s some great news NCIS fans. Sean Murray is going nowhere. According to an interview he did with TV Insider, McGee definitely makes it through.

McGee has a long road to recovery. Delilah doesn’t blame Gibbs for what he did, but it’s not going to be that easy for McGee to get past it. Sure, it was to save his life, but there’s still that thought that someone close to him—someone like a father to him—shot him.

You can rationalize it all you want, but the brain doesn’t always work that way. The brain brings up the bad, makes you doubt things. The recovery is going to be more than physical for our tech-savvy agent.

It doesn’t help that Gibbs is acting on the outside like it wasn’t a big deal. Anyone who knows Gibbs knows that he’s internalizing all this, but can everyone see through that considering what he did?

So, no, Sean Murray isn’t leaving NCIS. This storyline is going to have an aftermath that will be huge for the two characters moving forward.

What did you think of Gibbs’s actions? What do you hope to see from McGee moving forward? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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