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Liz wants revenge against Red on The Blacklist Season 8, Episode 3

After a two-month wait, it’s finally time to see Liz get revenge against Red. Here’s how to watch The Blacklist Season 8, Episode 3.

I’ll admit that it’s hard to get excited about the show right now. One of the reasons I’ve fallen away from the show and then come back to it is all the back and forth. While a good drama will have some back and forth, The Blacklist has (in my opinion) overdone it.

Whether it’s Red’s real identity or Liz’s trust in Red, it’s all been a little bit too much. Sometimes it feels like the writers are running out of ideas to keep the show’s intensity, so there’s another twist to Red’s identity or to Liz’s trust in him.

And that’s what has happened here. Liz chose to trust a woman she didn’t know over Red. We don’t even know if Katarina is who she says she is, but Liz immediately trusted her. Doesn’t that seem a little naive?

It’s all got us to where we are on The Blacklist Season 8, Episode 3. Red killed Katarina and now Liz wants revenge.

Why did Red kill Katarina on The Blacklist?

The episode isn’t just going to give us Liz’s revenge plot, though. Red has his reasons for killing Katarina, and it probably isn’t all self-survival.

He wouldn’t hurt Liz if he could avoid it. So, it suggests that he found out something about Katarina that would get Liz killed. Instead of risking that, he’s decided to kill Katarina, knowing it would damage his relationship with Liz.

He’s going to have to come out with it fast. Liz won’t give him much time to explain.

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