Will Chicago PD Season 9 happen on NBC?

There’s some good news about Chicago PD Season 9 and beyond

We’re at the time of the year where we start to look out for renewals and cancellations. We’ve only had three episodes so far, but is there a chance of Chicago PD Season 9 happening?

There’s some excellent news. When NBC gave the series its Season 8 renewal, it also gave Chicago PD longer on the air. The show, along with Fire and Med, were renewed for three seasons. That will take Chicago PD through to Season 10.

A three-season renewal is excellent news for planning. It means writers have the ability to stretch out the storylines a little more. There’s a chance of planting seeds earlier on for a storyline coming during a future season. This can also allow the writers to plan ahead for characters to make development more realistic.

There’s nothing worse than trying to rush a storyling when the future is unknown. Well, maybe leaving a storyline completely unfulfilled because of an abrupt cancellation.

Will Chicago PD Season 10 be the end?

When NBC granted This Is Us a three-season renewal, it later turned out that this was it. The show is coming to an end after Season 6.

Will this be the case for the Dick Wolf series? It’s hard to say. So far, nobody has said that Chicago PD Season 10 is going to be the end. Considering the three One Chicago shows deliver NBC the best ratings on Wednesday nights across the networks, it would be surprising for the network to just cancel it.

But doesn’t This Is Us do well? Yes, but it sounds like it was a creative decision to end after the three-season renewal. Chicago PD still has plenty of more stories to tell considering its procedural layout.

The great news is that Chicago PD Season 9 is happening and it isn’t the last. That’s what we can focus on right now.

Chicago PD airs Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC. Catch up the following day on Hulu.