Did Chenford finally happen on The Rookie Season 3?

The Rookie Season 3, Episode 9 saw Lucy and Jackson on their last day of training. Lucy opened up to Bradford, but did it lead to Chenford finally happening?

There is one relationship that we didn’t realize we would want to see happen when the series first started. It’s all about Chenford.

This is one of those relationships that’s blossomed over time. Bradford started to let his guard down, showing the gooey center beneath the hard shell. He has also helped make Lucy into one hell of a cop without changing her from who she is. And there’s no doubt there’s a strong friendship there.

During The Rookie Season 3, Episode 9, Lucy decided to open up to Bradford. It was the last day they would be T.O. and Boot, after all. Would it lead to Chenford finally happening?

Lucy wasn’t honest with her feelings on The Rookie Season 3, Episode 9

It turns out the scene from the promo wasn’t quite everything that it seemed. Lucy told Bradford her “feelings” as a way to prove that she’s perfect for undercover work.

He’d pointed out her inability to lie to people’s faces and lure them in, so she decided to play a trick on him. She told him her “feelings” and waited for the response. As expected, it led to Bradford stuttering over his words, although he didn’t tell her that he had feelings for her.

In the end, Lucy told him the truth. She made it clear that it was all a ruse to prove that she can do undercover work.

So, sadly, Chenford hasn’t happened yet. It doesn’t look like it is going to happen, at least for some time. Bradford had a chance to share his feelings, but they’re not there. It’s also clear now that Lucy doesn’t feel that way for him. At least, that’s the case for the time being.

Would you like to see Chenford happen on The Rookie? What did you think of Lucy’s trick? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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