Will Celia protect Nancy Drew?

Celia has found out Nancy Drew is her granddaughter. At first, she was going to tell Everett right away, but Nancy may have persuaded her otherwise.

While Nancy didn’t want it out that she’s a Hudson personally, she never really considered why others would have wanted to keep it secret. Now she knows that her life is in danger if Everett finds out Nancy is his granddaughter.

It should have been fine except that a sneaky DNA test brought up the truth. Celia felt like she had to tell Everett the truth. If he found out she knew and didn’t tell him, there would be trouble.

Nancy did the one thing she could at the time. She wiped Celia’s memories and got to know the real person before Everett and her bad memories made her the woman she had become. She needed to do something to buy herself some time.

Nancy Drew gives Celia her memories back

By the end of the episode, Nancy realized that she had to give Celia her memories back. This wasn’t going to be easy considering what Celia knew, but Nancy hoped that seeing the goodness inside her come out, it might help to convince Celia to do something different.

This wasn’t to not tell Everett, surprisingly. Well, it might have been at first, but Celia made it clear that she wouldn’t risk her own life. Honestly, everyone needs to get away from Everett Hudson already!

However, Nancy offered an alternative. What if Celia could help Everett trust Nancy? She could remain safe and have the ability to prove that she isn’t a danger to the business.

It’s not going to be easy. Everett is a man stuck in his ways, and people close to him are clearly scared. Why would Celia be able to convince him to trust Nancy? It doesn’t seem like she’s going to be able to manage it.

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