Is NCIS: New Orleans on tonight, Sunday, April 11?

We’re counting down to say goodbye to NCIS: New Orleans. There are just a handful of episodes left, but will one of them air tonight, Sunday, April 11?

We start with the bad news. Like The Equalizer and NCIS: LA, there isn’t a new episode of NCIS: New Orleans Season 7 tonight.

In a way, that’s a relief. It means we’re not saying goodbye to the series just yet. On the other hand, it’s disappointing because we don’t get to see what’s next for our favorite characters.

The good news is there’s a rerun at the very least. You can watch the second episode of the two-part Season 7 premiere, which kicked off the COVID storyline for Wade.

Why isn’t NCIS: New Orleans new tonight?

Why has CBS changed up the schedule? We’re looking at the pandemic as part of the blame, but it’s also for scheduling purposes.

NCIS: New Orleans only has 16 episodes this season because of the pandemic. CBS wants the series finale to air on May 23. With that in mind, there are too many weeks left for the new episodes available, which means a hiatus is needed.

This hiatus is another long one. We’ll got the entire of April without a new episode, with the show returning on Sunday, May 2 at 10/9c. This is the same for the other two shows, The Equalizer and NCIS: LA.

It’s annoying having the breaks, but one long one is better than multiple short ones. It makes it a little easier to follow the flow for a few episodes rather than getting into a flow for a couple of weeks, losing it for a couple of weeks, getting it back for a couple of weeks, etc.

NCIS: New Orleans will return with all-new episodes on Sunday, May 2 at 10/9c on CBS. Catch up on the current season on Paramount+.