Is NCIS: New Orleans on tonight, Sunday, April 18?

Looking to enjoy a night of TV crime dramas on CBS? Sunday night is good for that, but what’s going on with the schedule? Is NCIS: New Orleans on tonight, Sunday, April 18?

We start with the bad news. NCIS: New Orleans is taking another break from new episodes. The CBS schedule has certainly been uncertain and unpredictable this year, and I think it’s been felt in the continued support for a lot of TV shows. It’s been hard to keep track of what’s going on.

The series, like other Sunday night shows The Equalizer and NCIS: LA, is in the middle of a month-long break. It’s not going to air a new episode until Sunday, May 2.

What about a rerun? You’ll want to get Paramount+ if you want to watch a rerun of New Orleans tonight. There isn’t a rerun on CBS.

Why isn’t NCIS: New Orleans on tonight, Sunday, April 8?

What’s the deal with this break? The month-long break is linked to the pandemic, but tonight’s specific lack of reruns is due to the Country Music Awards. The CMAs will air on CBS throughout the night, which means a clash with programming.

This is common this time of year. If it was a normal season, we probably wouldn’t mind the break as much. However, with the other breaks we’ve faced, it’s hard to be patient for new episodes. That’s especially the case when we know this is the final season.

The majority of this month-long break is to do with scheduling. CBS wants to end its 2020-2021 TV season in May. That was clear when it wanted to start the season as normal in the fall. With fewer episodes due to the pandemic, there aren’t enough to keep new episodes on the air throughout April and into May, so the break is necessary.

NCIS: New Orleans will return with new episodes on Sunday, May 2 at 10/9c on CBS.