Is The Rookie on tonight, Sunday, April 25?

After a string of new episodes, The Rookie Season 3 is taking a short break from new episodes. What’s on instead, and when will the show return?

The good news is the break is short. The Rookie isn’t going to air a new episode tonight, April 25, but it’s only a week off. The promo for the following episode made it clear that the show would return on Sunday, May 2.

But there’s going to be a rerun, right? After all, all three CBS TV crime dramas tonight have reruns in place of new episodes.

It’s not going to happen for the Nathan Fillion-led series. ABC is airing the Academy Awards, which means the timeslot is taken. You can watch reruns through Hulu, though.

What to expect on The Rookie Season 3, Episode 12

The new episode will air next Sunday instead. This is going to be a personal one for Nolan. At the end of the previous episode, his son Henry suddenly collapsed. Nolan will rush Henry to the hospital, which is where things will get worse before they stand a chance of getting better.

Emily Deschanel guest stars in the new episode as Henry’s mom. We’ve heard about her but never seen her on-screen just yet. And it looks like she’s preparing for the worst. Are they really preparing for Henry not to survive this?

Nolan refuses to give up hope. He can’t do that.

He’ll have some of his colleagues by his side for this. Most importantly, Grey makes it very clear that Nolan is where he’s supposed to be right now—by Henry’s side. I love how much Grey has softened throughout the series.

An all-new episode of The Rookie airs on Sunday, May 2 at 10/9c on ABC. Catch up the following day on Hulu.