Will SWAT Season 5 premiere in 2021?

SWAT Season 5 is officially happening, and it will be part of the 2021–2022 TV schedule. When will it premiere on our screens? Will it be in 2021?

Usually, we have to wait until close to the end of the season for SWAT renewals. That wasn’t the case in 2020. The CBS Studios series was one of five shows to gain an early renewal, along with Blue Bloods and NCIS.

We could rest easy until the end of Season 4, which made it clear we need another season. After going to the press about the way the racist cops got to keep their jobs, Hondo was put on the firing line. In the end, the top brass couldn’t fire him, but they did demote him as a way to push him out of the police force.

Hondo has a big decision to make. We’ll also need to see what the team will be like with another leader in charge. Will that leader be Deacon? The question for many is when the new season will premiere.

SWAT Season 5 will premiere in 2021

CBS has made some changes to its fall lineup, but the good news is that SWAT Season 5 was on the list of premieres. We’re expecting it around the end of September or start of October, as it looks like filming can mostly get back to normal.

However, it’s not going to end our Wednesday nights. Nor is it moving back to Thursday nights, where it just didn’t quite get off the ground as fully as we’d have liked.

The show is moving to Fridays at 8/7c to start the season. After four episodes, it will move to Sundays at 10/9c, where it will take SEAL Team‘s new timeslot. SEAL Team is moving to Paramount+ after four episodes.

What are you looking forward to seeing play out on SWAT Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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