Will Chicago PD Season 9 premiere on NBC in 2021?

We know that Chicago PD Season 9 is happening. Now, all anyone wants to know is when it will premiere. Will it come to NBC in 2021?

We’ve known throughout Chicago PD Season 8 that the ninth season would happen. In fact, we also know that Season 10 is going to happen. For now, the focus is on Chicago PD Season 9.

Season 8 left one of Intelligence’s fate on the line. Burgess was shot in the stomach twice, but managed to survive long enough to get to a car to make sure her team could find her. She knew Intelligence would be looking for her.

She passed out in the car, but she was still alive when found. Now her life is on the line, but we’re expecting her to return for Season 9. After all, we need to see what the aftermath for her will be after that since she has Makayla.

When will Chicago PD Season 9 premiere on NBC?

What we don’t have yet is an exact premiere date. However, we can say that Chicago PD Season 9 will premiere in 2021.

NBC has announced its fall schedule, and the One Chicago shows remain on Wednesday nights. It makes sense considering the success of One Chicago Wednesdays.

There isn’t an exact premiere date just yet. We’re not expecting an exact premiere date just yet, but we can make a prediction. We’re expecting the 2021–2022 season to start as normal, with premieres on NBC happening at the end of September. There shouldn’t be a need to delay filming this summer, which should mean a slightly more normal schedule.

Hopefully, there won’t be the same delays during the season. It was difficult not knowing if there would be a new episode one week to the next.

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Chicago PD is available to stream on Hulu.