The Blacklist Season 9 release date updates: Is the season happening? When is it coming out?

We know that The Blacklist Season 9 is going to happen. Now all eyes are on when it will arrive, and whether it’s going to be the final season.

There are some big changes coming to The Blacklist Season 9. One of those is the exit of Megan Boone. Agent Liz Keen is not returning, as you’d have guessed from the end to the Season 8 finale.

The show is also losing its creator. Jon Bokenkamp has chosen to leave the show, leaving it in the hands of his co-showrunner John Eisendrath.

The big exits have led to a lot of questions about whether The Blacklist Season 9 will be the last. We don’t know that just yet, but we can look at things we do know about the ninth season. Here’s everything so far, with updates to come as they happen.

How many seasons of The Blacklist are there?

There are currently eight seasons of the series available to watch. The first seven are on Netflix, with the eighth currently streaming on Hulu. However, that season will move to Netflix soon.

Is Season 9 of The Blacklist going to happen?

There will definitely be a ninth season of the series. That was confirmed back in January when the show returned for its long winter hiatus. It was a pleasant surprise of a renewal, and it meant we could go through the rest of the season not being concerned about a cliffhanger ending.

How many episodes are in The Blacklist Season 9?

It’s not yet clear how many episodes there will be. The seventh season was cut short from the usual 22 episodes but that was due to the pandemic and problems with that. While most network shows offered shorter seasons, The Blacklist managed to deliver a full 22-episode season. There’s a good chance that will happen with the ninth season, too.

When is The Blacklist Season 9 filming?

We’re expecting filming to start sometime in the summer. While the previous season got started a little later than normal, we’re not expecting that delay this year. Pandemic protocols are already in place and the show has managed to work through the pandemic year already.

The Blacklist Season 9 release date

We’re expecting a late September start for the majority of fall shows in 2021. The Blacklist Season 9 is on the fall schedule, so we’re expecting it to premiere in the last week of September. This will depend on filming schedules, and we’re still waiting for NBC to confirm premiere dates.

The Blacklist is available to stream on Netflix and Hulu.