The Blacklist Season 8 DVD release date set for September 2021

You’ve had the chance to watch all the episodes on NBC and Hulu, and it’ll soon be time to add it to your DVD collection. The Blacklist Season 8 DVD release date is set.

There are some big changes coming to The Blacklist Season 9. Before getting to that, you’re going to want to check out the most recent season. Of course, right now, there are a few ways to watch it, but what if you like to own the DVDs?

Owning the DVDs or Blu-rays is great for those who like bonus features. It’s also a great way to own if you don’t have a stable internet connection or you don’t have an internet connection at all.

There isn’t long to wait for The Blacklist Season 8 DVD release date. Here’s all you need to know about it.

The Blacklist Season 8 DVD release date

The release is happening slightly later than expected. This will be linked to th pandemic and the fact that the season finale aired later than normal.

The Blacklist Season 8 DVD release date is officially set for Tuesday, Sept. 21. It is currently available for pre-order, which you can land with the price guarantee if you get it through Amazon. With the price guarantee, it doesn’t matter how much you agree to pay at the time of pre-ordering; you’ll get it at the lowest price up to the release date.

The September release date is pushing things to binge-watch in time for The Blacklist Season 9. However, it is possible that the new season will be delayed slightly if there are some filming delays. NBC is still to set premiere dates for fall 2021.

Can’t wait for September? You can watch the season still on Hulu and it will eventually move to Netflix. However, you can also buy the episodes on Digital, so you can watch them any time you want without a subscription service.

The Blacklist Season 8 DVD release date is set for Tuesday, Sept. 21.