Law & Order: For the Defense no longer happening at NBC

Law & Order: For the Defense was offered a straight-to-series order at NBC and was slated for fall 2021. The show is now no longer happening.

When NBC initially announced its fall 2021 plans, Thursdays were going to be all about Law & Order. The new spin-off For the Defense had been picked up straight-to-series and was going to kick off Thursday nights.

Now NBC has announced the premiere dates, and there was a big change. Law & Order: For the Defense wasn’t on the list. In fact, The Blacklist is now moving nights and taking over the Thursday night timeslot.

Deadline reports that Law & Order: For the Defense is no longer happening. It’s the end of the line for the series that didn’t even get off the ground.

Why is Law & Order: For the Defense canceled?

What’s the deal? It’s not exactly clear.

It looks like it’s something to do with a creative decision. NBC wants to move away from the legal drama aspect of the show. This is despite the series being in the casting stage. This is something similar that happened to Law & Order: Hate Crimes a few years ago.

Instead of For the Defense, NBC is looking at another spin-off idea. Right now, we have no idea what that idea could be.

Bringing another spin-off isn’t that surprising. The Law & Order franchise has been a strong series throughout its run, and why not bring another series within the franchise? However, the shows need to work for the current climate.

The other two Law & Order shows will still happen. SVU will debut with a two-hour premiere on Sept. 23. The following week, Organized Crime will air two episodes. By October, The Blacklist will join the two shows.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the NBC crime dramas.