Walker Season 1, Episode 17 spoilers: Is Walker at risk of being fired?

Walker has only just returned to being with the Texas Rangers, but it looks like his job is on the line in Walker Season 1, Episode 17.

After taking some time off due to Hoyt’s death, Cordell returned to the Texas Rangers in the previous episode. It was something both his children were happy to see happen, especially August, who no longer needs to sand chairs now!

However, it looks like things are going to be a problem for him keeping his job. Liam’s campaign could see his brother’s job on the line.

During the promo for Walker Season 1, Episode 17, Stella asks her uncle if her dad will be able to keep his job. Liam doesn’t give a straight answer, but does make a note that Walker will need to change his actions. Liam is focusing on police reform in his campaign, and that naturally puts Cordell’s job on the line considering the heavy hand he can sometimes have.

Will Micki stand by her partner on Walker Season 1, Episode 17?

Also in the promo, we see Micki stating that she believes “everyone should be held accountable for their actions.” This could be linked to the previous episode. During that episode, she and Captain James took down a dirty cop who had targeted James’s son in retaliation for an arrest.

That led to Liam’s boss resigning. It’s led to Liam’s campaign focus. Now it looks like Micki is pulled into that with questions about bad cops.

Could it be linked to her partner? Will she stand by Walker during the episode if he makes a mistake?

Then there’s Trey, who has his own storyline. After choosing not to go to med school despite being accepted, his mother is in town. It’s time to see that relationship that we’ve heard a little bit about.

Walker Season 1, Episode 17 airs on Thursday, July 22 at 8/7c on The CW.