How will Gary Cole be a part of NCIS Season 19?

Gary Cole is joining NCIS Season 19, but not as a direct replacement for Mark Harmon’s Gibbs. How will Cole be part of the show?

We know that Cole is joining the series as a recurring guest star. It’s not clear just how many episodes he’ll be in, but one thing we know is that he’s not going to be a direct replacement for Gibbs.

Mark Harmon is only going to be in NCIS Season 19 in a limited capacity. This is likely to be single-digit episodes, and it looks like he’s faked his death to keep the serial killer off his tail for the time being.

While there will need to be another member of the team, McGee is the one who will likely be the leader. He’s already been taking on that role since Gibbs’s suspension during NCIS Season 18. That means Cole won’t need to join the team as the leader. Of course, he could, but there’s no need for it.

Will Gary Cole’s character investigate Gibbs’s disappearance in NCIS Season 19?

It’s highly probable that Gary Cole will be part of the investigation into Gibbs’s potential murder. There’s no way nobody is going to find the debris of the boat. And it’s going to be connected to Gibbs in some way.

There will likely be an investigation into what happened to Gibbs. It could initially be a murder investigation until someone realizes that he wasn’t murdered after all.

The team wouldn’t be able to do the investigation. Instead, Cole’s character would likely come in, and this would allow him to be around for a while now and again. This would suggest the search for Gibbs is going to take a good number of episodes across the season, even if we don’t physically see Gibbs the whole time.

NCIS Season 19 premieres on Monday, Sept. 20 at 9/8c on CBS. Watch the following day on Paramount+.