What is Outer Banks Season 2 about?

Outer Banks Season 2 arrives at the end of the month. What can we expect from the Netflix series? What is Outer Banks Season 2 about?

The first season of Outer Banks took us on a wild ride as the Pogues found the hidden gold only to have it taken from them before they could get to it. Naturally, one of them ended up wanted by the police.

At the end of the first season, John B and Sarah went on the run from the cops only for their boat to capsize in the storm. They’re presumed dead, but we know that’s not the case at all. They’re heading to the Bahamas for Outer Banks Season 2.

The other three Pogues will also head to the Bahamas. They’ll all reunite, and it’s time to go on another hunt for treasure.

What to expect on Outer Banks Season 2

The promo gives us a small look at things to come for the Pogues throughout the next 10 episodes. Outer Banks Season 2 will follow the group in the Bahamas as they continue their hunt for the treasure.

It looks like they’re searching for the gold that was taken from them. Sarah’s dad has that, and he’s put it all in a safe somewhere in his Bahama property. He’s with his son, too, who is the one actually guilty of the murder of the sheriff.

It could be a different type of treasure, of course. That’s unlikely. All we know is the group says “the treasure belongs to the Pogues.” Considering they were the ones to figure out the location, we do have to agree!

All while they’re dealing with that, John B is still wanted. The reward has gone up now they’re in another country. Can the group manage to get the treasure and prove John B’s innocence?

Outer Banks Season 2 will come to Netflix on Friday, July 30.