Outer Banks Season 2 age rating: Is the series suitable for kids?

Outer Banks Season 2 arrives on Netflix at the end of the month. Want to watch it with the family? Check out the Outer Banks age rating to see if it’s suitable.

There’s no doubt we’re all excited to see Outer Banks Season 2. The story is set to pick up off the back of the first season. John B and Sarah are presumed dead, but we know they survived the boat capsizing and were picked up by fishermen.

It won’t be long until the other three Pogues find out that they’re still alive. And the authorities will also likely find out the truth. After all, the promo makes it clear that John B is still wanted for murder, and the reward for finding him has gone up.

Now you need to plan your weekend around the release date. Could you watch the series with your children? You’ll need to check out the Outer Banks age rating to find that one out.

What is the Outer Banks age rating?

The official rating given by Netflix is TV-MA. This is TV’s equivalent of an R rating in the movies. It makes it clear that the content is for adults.

By looking at the Outer Banks age rating, you’ll likely want to avoid the series around your children. Of course, this does depend on the maturity of your children. I wouldn’t watch it around mine because they’re on the young side, but it could be suitable for older teenagers who are already likely watching shows like this anyway.

What’s the reason for the rating? There is a little nudity, but it’s mostly due to the language and some of the violence. Like many Netflix shows, it doesn’t hold back because it doesn’t have to thanks to streaming.

Outer Banks Season 2 is on Netflix on Friday, July 30.