Nancy Drew Season 2 DVD release date set for September 2021

Nancy Drew Season 2 brought us an intriguing story involving the Aglaeca. Need to catch up before Season 3? The Nancy Drew Season 2 DVD release date is set.

Without spoiling how it all ends for those who haven’t caught up yet, Nancy Drew Season 2 makes you think the Aglaeca story is over just episodes into the season and then brings it back in an exciting twist. It’s certainly worth watching out for.

At the same time, we get to see the characters develop a little more. There’s a chance to learn more about Bess’s past, which ends up leading to trouble with the Marvins. Nancy has to deal with her feelings toward Carson after learning the truth about who her biological parents are, while Ryan deals with the idea of being a father.

And then there’s the problem with the Hudson family learning the truth. That certainly promises to be a story worth watching for.

You’ll certainly want to get Nancy Drew Season 2 on DVD as soon as it’s out.

Nancy Drew Season 2 DVD release date

The date is set for September, giving you plenty of time to catch up before Season 3 premieres. Get the Nancy Drew Season 2 DVD on Tuesday, Sept. 21.

You can already preorder the Nancy Drew Season 2 DVD, getting you the price guarantee when you order on Amazon. You’ll only pay the lowest amount up to the release date, regardless of the price you agree on now.

It’s only coming to DVD. This is what happened with the first season. Many networks are moving away from the DVD and Blu-ray releases because the Blu-ray purchases have slowed down a little. Part of that is probably because shows are heading to streaming so why bother with DVDs? There are a lot of reasons to bother with DVDs.

Nancy Drew Season 2 DVD release date is set for Tuesday, Sept. 21.