Is Murdoch Mysteries renewed for Season 15?

Murdoch Mysteries is one of Canada’s longest-running shows. Will there be a 15th season of the series? Here’s what we know.

Back when we interviewed Yannick Bisson about the series, he didn’t know if there would be another season or not. There was hope, but the problem was money. With the COVID-19 protocols for filming, costs had gone up.

Would the show get enough viewers to justify another season? If you’d have asked that back when Season 5 was running, the answer would have probably been no. At that point, the show was close to cancellation, and look at where it is now!

So, is there going to be more? We have some great news about Murdoch Mysteries Season 15.

Has Murdoch Mysteries been renewed?

The great news is the show has been renewed. CBC renewed the series back in June 2021. And yes, it’s going to be much longer than other seasons. There will be 24 epic episodes!

With the news of 24 episodes, there may be a concern that this is the last season. It’s something we’ll be keeping an eye on, but at least there will be a good amount of episodes to tie up storylines if necessary.

Is Season 15 of Murdoch Mysteries going to happen?

Yes, Murdoch Mysteries Season 15 is definitely going to happen. The season is currently filming now, and we even managed to get a photo of one of the cars used when filming was in a location near us. The show’s Twitter has also released some photos from filming to let us see all the fun the cast and crew have.

When does the new season of Murdoch Mysteries start?

It could be a while before we get the new episodes. This is going to depend on how the episodes are released. We could see CBC opt for releasing half the season in one go and then holding the other half for later.

We’re probably not going to see any episodes before early 2022 at the very earliest, but it’s likely later into 2022.

As for its release on Acorn TV, this is likely to be months after it runs on CBC and CBC Gem in Canada.

Murdoch Mysteries is available to stream on Acorn TV.