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After clearing Sting of murder, our podcasters are back on the trail. Don’t miss Only Murders in the Building Episode 5 on Hulu.

During the previous episode, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel managed to clear Sting of murder. Well, Sting cleared himself. He felt terrible for Tim Kono’s suicide, believing that it was his words that pushed Tim over the edge.

That wasn’t the case at all. While the trio still doesn’t really have proof that Tim’s death was murder, they’re sure that Tim didn’t kill himself.

Now that Sting is off the murder suspect list, the focus is now on other neighbors in the building. Charles and Oliver may turn their attention to Mabel now that Oliver has learned Mabel knew Tim back in the day.

What to expect on Only Murders in the Building Episode 5

Mabel continues her search into Tim’s final days. She’s the one very sure that Tim didn’t kill himself. The Tim she knew in the past wouldn’t have done that.

However, the Tim now was someone very different to the one in the past. Mabel has also mentioned how Tim never lied, except for the night of Zoe’s death. If he was willing to lie that night, how often did he really lie? Or did he even lie that night?

As Mabel heads off on her secret mission, Charles and Oliver follow her. They want to figure out the secrets she’s now hiding. Will this moment lead to where we found Mabel at the very start of the series? Has it been long enough in the Only Murders in the Building world to get to that point where Charles and Oliver find her covered in blood?

Check out the synopsis for the new episode:

A suspicious Charles and Oliver follow Mabel when she slips away on a solo mission to track the victim’s final days.

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Date: Tuesday, Sept. 14
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Episode: Season 1, Episode 5, “Twist”
TV Channel: Hulu
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