Was Joanna disbarred on the Burden of Truth series finale?

Joanna had the threat of being disbarred forever, and it didn’t seem like she really cared. How did it end for her in the Burden of Truth series finale?

When Burden of Truth Season 4 began, Joanna was focused on fighting to keep her client’s house safe from a mining company. However, it soon turned into a fight for her career. Joanna had to fight against a criminal conviction and then had to fight against being disbarred.

If she was disbarred, her whole career was over. She wouldn’t be able to work as a lawyer again, and that put a lot of pressure on Billy and their new law firm.

However, by the Burden of Truth series finale, Joanna seemed willing to let her career go. Billy wasn’t happy about it, but Joanna was ready to put it all to one side. And with it being a series finale, there was a huge risk that it would happen. After all, there’s no need to find some Hail Mary option when there wouldn’t be another season.

Did Joanna get disbarred on Burden of Truth?

So, how did the series end? Did Joanna end with her career gone? Maybe she ended up finding the spirit to fight for her career.

At her hearing, Joanna decides that she does want to keep her career. And so, while everyone argues over whether she’s a good person or not, Joanna shares that what she thinks makes a person good is the fact that they’re trying to be good.

Did the board agree? Sort of. The board decided that signing the opinion letter wasn’t in good faith. It could have been game over, but Joanna’s actions over the last four years have proven her to be a good person. That outweighed the bad but not enough to keep Joanna practicing right away.

Joanna’s license was suspended for a year. That’s better than a complete disbarring.

Joanna believes that Billy is the man who made her a better person. The two end up engaged by the end of the episode, and we pick up a short time later with Billy writing a legal brief. Joanna isn’t allowed to give her advice since she’s suspended. Of course, that doesn’t stop her from offering one piece of advice before walking away.

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