Jenna Dewan will be in more of The Rookie Season 4

Jenna Dewan has been upped to series regular on The Rookie Season 4. What does this mean for Nolan and Bailey’s relationship?

When Dewan’s character Bailey was initially introduced at the end of The Rookie Season 3, it was clear that there were plans for the future. Showrunner Alexi Hawley hinted that he wanted the character to stick around for longer, and now he gets that wish.

According to Deadline, Dewan has been upped to series regular. This means that she’s billed for each episode of the coming season.

Bailey and Nolan continue their relationship on The Rookie Season 4

It wasn’t possible to add too many relationships into TV shows during the pandemic year. It just wasn’t safe for a lot of shows, and so most TV shows focused on other types of drama and storylines. However, Dewan’s Bailey was introduced at the end of the third season with the hint of romance coming.

That romance has happened. Bailey and Nolan have certainly hit it off. They are in this relationship together, although there was a bit of a blip at first as they both worried about things ending badly.

Dewan being upped to series regular means that this relationship is likely to continue. When main characters are in relationships with guest stars, there is always the chance that the relationships can come to an end. That is unless the characters are in already-established relationships such as Hen and Karen on 9-1-1 and Grey and his wife on The Rookie.

We’ve seen Nolan with his fair share of relationships so far. They’ve all ended. Now is a chance to see him enjoy a relationship with Bailey.

The Rookie airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC. Catch up the following day on Hulu.