Why isn’t CSI: Vegas part of the January lineup on CBS?

When TV shows return in January on CBS, there’s going to be one less TV crime drama on the list. CSI: Vegas isn’t going to be on the air, but why?

The networks are announcing the midseason schedules, and CBS is the latest to do that. There is one less TV crime drama on the schedule. However, it’s not bad news about it just yet.

Rather than CSI: Vegas airing on the last Wednesday night timeslot, the new medical drama starring Sophia Bush, Good Sam, is going to be taking over the timeslot. That’s great for Chicago PD fans who want to see what Bush is up to next, but it’s not great for those who want to see more of Grissom and Sara proving the innocence of a former colleague.

What’s going on with the schedule? Why isn’t CSI: Vegas on the list? Here’s what we know.

The CSI: Vegas finale airs in December 2021

There’s nothing to worry about right now. Good Sam isn’t replacing CSI: Vegas due to poor performance. It’s actually due to the show just wrapping up its season at the end of the year. The finale will air on Wednesday, Dec. 8 according to TVLine.

There isn’t a backorder for the show, but again, that’s nothing to worry about. While NCIS: Hawaii and FBI: International quickly got backorders, CSI: Vegas didn’t. It was never going to. Vegas was planned as an event series with a confirmed 10-episode season.

We do still have a chance of CBS renewing the revival. The live ratings weren’t great, but we don’t know all of the delayed ratings just yet. There is a chance they were good enough to land a second season, even if it’s to move to Paramount+ exclusively. The show is in contention right now.

However, if there is a second season, it’s likely with the new crime lab team rather than with Grissom and Sara around. William Petersen did only sign on for one year, but he could extend it if he wants.

CSI: Vegas airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on CBS. Watch the following day on Paramount+.