Is The Rookie on tonight, Sunday, Nov. 21?

With the arson case at an end, it’s time to get the focus back on the cases of the week on The Rookie Season 4. Will they start this week?

Sundays have become all about our favorite LAPD officers. So, what’s going on with the schedule tonight, Sunday, Nov. 21.

There isn’t a new episode of The Rookie on tonight. Even worse news is that there isn’t even a rerun on tonight. ABC has the Country Music Awards tonight.

This is the problem with Sunday shows. We have to deal with the football and the awards shows preempting the episodes. Really, we’ve become used to it, but it does make watching on Sundays difficult.

Why isn’t a new episode of The Rookie on tonight?

Tonight specifically is due to the CMAs. However, The Rookie is going to take a couple of weeks off. This could be linked to the pandemic, but it’s also the time of year. Not only do we have the CMAs, but we also have Thanksgiving weekend.

Next Sunday is Thanksgiving weekend. There’s no way that ABC will put on a new episode that weekend. A lot of people will spend the weekend with family, so there’s no way that the networks will choose to put new episodes of shows on to compete with that. We’ve seen networks attempt it—just look at Halloween!—and the ratings have been bad.

The new episode will air in three weeks. We’re getting an episode told from the body cam footage. This isn’t quite the same as the reality show format the show has once done, but it will offer us something slightly different, viewing everything as those who rewatch body cam footage. It means not getting the full 360-view or the peripheral vision that we’d get from normal filming, so there will be more of the “what’s going on off-camera” questions.

The Rookie Season 4 returns with new episodes on Sunday, Dec. 5 at 10/9c on ABC. Catch up on the season via Hulu.