Is FBI Season 4 on tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 23?

There wasn’t a new episode of FBI Season 4 last week. What about the CBS schedule this week? Will there be a new episode tonight, Nov. 23?

The CBS schedule has had a few breaks here and there. Last week, FBI Season 4 went on a break from new episodes. Sadly, that’s also the case this week.

There isn’t a new episode airing tonight on CBS. The good news is that CBS will put an episode on. We’re getting a rerun, and we’re going back to Season 3.

It’s all about Episode 12 to be exact. We’re getting a rerun of “Fathers and Sons,” which saw a desperate father abduct two doctors in an attempt to save his dying son. Jubal struggled to remain focused considering his own personal storyline at this point.

Why isn’t a new episode of FBI Season 4 on tonight?

What’s with another week off? This is likely twofold.

The main reason is COVID-19. The pandemic protocols mean episodes take longer to film, so the episodes on the air catch up quickly to the ones ready to air. It means studios need a bit more time and the shows take some breaks here and there.

This week’s break falls in line with Thanksgiving week. It’s not uncommon for networks to take a break during this week because the ratings drop. People travel to be with family, and that’s possibly an expectation this year considering traveling wasn’t as easy in 2020.

The good news is we’re not waiting much longer for a new episode of FBI Season 4. The episode will air in two weeks on Tuesday, Dec. 7. This episode has a connection to 9/11, with a leader of a terrorist organization dating a 9/11 widow to extract information that he can use. This one is personal for Scola, who lost his brother in the 2001 attack.

FBI Season 4 will return with all-new episodes on Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 8/7c on CBS. Watch the following day on Paramount+.