Is a new episode of Nancy Drew on tonight? (December 17)

Friday nights have become all about our teen mystery solver, Nancy Drew. Will there be a new episode of the series on tonight, Friday, Dec. 17?

Okay, so Nancy isn’t a teen in this series. And she works with a group of friends to solve the various mysteries in Horseshoe Bay on a weekly basis. Not all of those mysteries are normal. There are a lot of supernatural elements.

We have some bad news about Nancy Drew Season 3 right now. There isn’t a new episode of the series on tonight. In fact, we won’t even get a rerun to catch up with what the group is up to. The CW is putting on its holiday programming, opting for The 89th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parades instead.

Why isn’t an episode of Nancy Drew on tonight?

What’s with the delay? Is it another problem with the pandemic? This break has nothing to do with the pandemic at all. It’s all due to the holiday season.

The CW and all broadcast networks put their main shows on a break for a couple of weeks at least around this time of year. The live ratings take a dip, so the networks don’t want to risk their expensive scripted shows. It makes more sense to put them on hold until the new year.

That’s what is happening here. The Christmas programming is cheaper to produce so the lower live ratings aren’t a problem.

When will Nancy Drew return with new episodes?

We don’t have to wait too long for new episodes of the series. Nancy and the Drew Crew will be back on Friday, Jan. 7. It’s actually one of the first CW scripted shows to return in 2022.

The show will keep the 9/8c timeslot for now. There are only 13 episodes to this season, but that doesn’t mean the series is going to be canceled. This is to do with the pandemic. The CW wants to get the schedule back to the traditional fall/midseason schedule in the 2022-2023 season, which means reducing season orders for almost all shows this season to fit everything in.

Nancy Drew will return with all-new episodes on Friday, Jan. 7 at 9/8c on The CW